Hope In Times Of Uncertainty

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Hope In Times Of Uncertainty

Leicester District Conference
Theme: Hope in times of uncertainty
5 – 6th June 2021

The global pandemic has changed the landscape to our world in ways that we could not have envisaged just a few years ago. We have seen the death toll rise around the world, and closer to home many have lost family and friends, who have died due to COVID 19.

The lockdown in particular has impacted us with many changes, that we have had to make and endure. There are some positive outcomes, e.g:

  • Environmental recovery – less car pollution in atmosphere.
  • Physical exercise – more people have taken up physical exercise and in particular, walking.
  • Change in work routines – more people working from home which often helps with child care, and less commuting.
  • Diversity and exclusion – the death of George Floyd has changed the racial landscape.
  • Greater connectivity- increased participation in meetings via social media.
  • The development of the vaccine.
  • etc…

However, very negative outcomes from the lockdown that has also changed us in some important areas e.g:

  • Mental health arising from isolation and lack of mental health resources and support.
  • Physical touch – not being able to touch and hug extended family and friends.
  • Social interaction- meeting for coffee etc…
  • Change in Church service routines (singing in Church, reconstructed baptisms, (affecting
    ministry) laying of hands etc).
  • Delayed grief – especially for those who lost loved ones without being present.
  • Social unrest – especially in regards to COVID 19. Lack of debate, allowing differing views, which has encouraged fears, that there is a hidden agenda.
  • Fear, and uncertainty of the vaccine (for some).
  • Disconnection of some (Youths, and some Seniors, and Young families) from church programs.
  • The dying of the high streets as more and more people move online.
  • Many of our seniors not able and willing to return to worship, for various reasons.
  • etc…

What is the answer to these issues that we are facing today – ‘HOPE’. However, hope is always in the future. The Christian hope is that Jesus Christ will come again in glory and set up His eternal kingdom, which will usher in a time of God’s purpose for the earth. This is what we look towards and this belief, keeps us focused.

But what do we do ‘today’ as we move towards our goal?

How do we share the gospel to this changing world? (which is moving away from organised religion and feels hopeless).

How do we reconnect to those who have lost their faith in our institutions for a modern age, which is seen as more liberal and inclusive. What is God saying to us as a Church;

Do we continue as we are? Or do we adjust our focus?

Does God have a ‘reset’ button to return us  to His original intent?

The aim of our conference is to address some of these issues that we face as a Church and community. We then answer the questions that are being asked about life in general, and how we cope in what clearly feels like “uncertain times”. Also how are able to ‘live out’ our Christian faith in these ‘uncertain times’.

This conference is an introduction to what will hopefully be continued in our congregations in the days ahead, because if we do not take note of the changing world around us, and adapt our strategy, we will miss an opportunity that God has given to us to reap this end time harvest.

Bishop Joel Haye
(District Overseer)

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Program outline

Saturday (Via zoom link)

Session 1: (11:00 AM – 12:00 PM)
Facilitator: Martin Cole (Northampton)
Speaker: Rev Rudolph Whitely (St. Neots)
Sharing hope in a post modern culture

Comfort break

Session 2: (12:15 PM – 1:15 PM)
Facilitator: Martin Cole (Northampton)
Speaker: Bishop Donnovan Allen (Northampton)
Re-connecting people to hope after Covid 19

Break: 1:15 PM – 2:00 PM

Session 3: (2:00 PM – 3:00 PM)
Facilitator: Curtis Thompson (Wellingborough)
Speaker: Rev Angela Palmer (Wellingborough)
Hope in times of Uncertainty

Sunday (Via Youtube)

Session 4: (11:00 AM – 12:30 PM)
Moderator: Rev. Dr Christine James
Praise and worship
Speaker: Bishop Joel Haye (Leicester)
Reset our hope in God

Session 5: (12.15 PM – 12.45 PM)
Communion: Rev Dr. Christine James